czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2015

The Potion

A great day today! A guy from Fiji (i've never talked to one before) asked me a question I couldn't escape trying to formulate an answer to. "Why Polish women are so different? I mean why are they not racist like the rest of European nazi white power bitches?!"  
Amount of admiration matched by intensity of fucking hatred! Well, if they were so different, maybe it's because the Polish women (along with Polish men) were secluded from the rest of the world for more than fifty years and this is how their starving for difference manifests itself? But then there are other post-communist countries: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary... Ok. What if the Polish women have a deeper, spiritual insight due to the nation's Christian heritage? Well, the whole Europe happens to have been in Christianity's holy embrace like forever... Maybe they are so different due to the post-World-War-II Poland's being homogenous in terms of mostly everything including language, religion and food with almost no minorities able to flavor the communist boredom with the counterpoint of their existence? Half a century of the whole nation's political detention can sharpen appetites for novelty...
The thing is that the Poles have a long long long history of being quarrelsome, vindictive and bossy, thus gifted with a flair to alienate their own kind. As a consequence, craving for a company of a kind that is not their own, regardless of its faith or race, might have become their fate. But Poland's being too big to act small and too small to act big definitely became her flame. This is what has kept the potion cooking. It boils so those who come to Poland can marvel at what is made of her presumptuous and her humble... 
So if you, my Fijian friend, find it unprecedentedly romantic that this is in Poland where women make you feel fallen for whereas everywhere else you feel despised, well, guess what. They probably have no choice!

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  1. Happy to see your Fijian friend so ecstatic about our open-minded babes. Problem is, his is not a representative sample (most likely students at a disco or something, most of whom read and travel). Tell him to hang out with a bunch of honest-to-god catholic chicks and they'll show him.

  2. There's truth in what you say, Grzegorz, but my first thought when I read your Fijian friend's words was: I'd be interested to know a bit more about his experience with Polish women. His comment (or what you quoted from it) doesn't make it clear whether he's ever been to Poland, and the Polish women he may have crossed paths with in the South Pacific definitely wouldn't be a representative sample of the general female population here. If he has been to Poland, I'd be curious to know how much time he spent here, where he traveled and what sort of scenes he got a taste of, 'cause I suspect the overall scope of his visit would have been fairly limited – though I could be wrong. I'm not saying that Polish women are generally racist, or anything like that – and there's probably a lot fewer here that would fit the term “Nazi white power bitches” than might be found in some other European countries. But there's still a good bit of ignorance and xenophobia to be found in Poland, especially when you get further away from the urban centers, where there's much more regular contact with people of other races, and from other parts of the world. It's nice that this guy from Fiji got a positive impression of Polish women, however he got it - but if he'd made his acquaintances, say, at a small-scale discotheque somewhere on the outskirts of Kielce, shortly after a hot football match, he might be telling a different story.
    - Karol Łajt