wtorek, 20 września 2016

Little Chucha

Eric likes having to do with people who find themselves intellectually towering over others. They so easily contradict themselves in concepts they hardly understand. He likes shaking the cornerstones of their fancy beliefs like the ones about the nature of personality.
- My personality is who I am - claims little Chucha - but my attitude depends on who you are. I'm a nice person so if I'm rude to you, you need to ask yourself why - she nails it in a fashion of prophetic anger.
But Eric's religion #4 teaches about ultimate objectivity and it applies to personalities as well. He read about them somewhere and now those tiny shreds of information make up one of his yet another religion's key doctrines. He says: "Personality has nothing to do with who we are. Who we are is beyond thoughts and personality is but a monument of mental projections about who we should become to prevail in battles of trying to hide our own shame, in wars waged by egos."
On the other hand Eric is sure as well that blaming others for one's own attitudes is nothing but looking for excuses to keep on acting low. Those attitudes, thought by many to be born out of ability to pass objective judgements, are but subjective behaviours sanctified by self-given rights to punish people for bringing out the worst in them. This is where Eric advocates reflecting on why one's particular attidudes take such unpleasant shapes. 
- Don't make me do your job! - says ultimately objective him.   

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