wtorek, 20 września 2016

Little Chucha

Eric likes having to do with people who find themselves intellectually towering over others. They so easily contradict themselves in concepts they hardly understand. He likes shaking the cornerstones of their fancy beliefs like the ones about the nature of personality.
- My personality is who I am - claims little Chucha - but my attitude depends on who you are. I'm a nice person so if I'm rude to you, you need to ask yourself why - she nails it in a fashion of prophetic anger.
But Eric's religion #4 teaches about ultimate objectivity and it applies to personalities as well. He read about them somewhere and now those tiny shreds of information make up one of his yet another religion's key doctrines. He says: "Personality has nothing to do with who we are. Who we are is beyond thoughts and personality is but a monument of mental projections about who we should become to prevail in battles of trying to hide our own shame, in wars waged by egos."
On the other hand Eric is sure as well that blaming others for one's own attitudes is nothing but looking for excuses to keep on acting low. Those attitudes, thought by many to be born out of ability to pass objective judgements, are but subjective behaviours sanctified by self-given rights to punish people for bringing out the worst in them. This is where Eric advocates reflecting on why one's particular attidudes take such unpleasant shapes. 
- Don't make me do your job! - says ultimately objective him.   

czwartek, 8 września 2016

Podbój w lektyce

Chiny to kraina pełna języków chińskich, na tyle zróżnicowanych, że Sekretarz Mao podczas jej podboju w lektyce podróżował z grupą tłumaczy! 
Chiński krajobraz językowy, jeszcze na początku Wielkiej Rewolucji Ekonomicznej oferował nie mniej egzotyczną paletę samych tylko dialektów mandaryńskiego - dominującego języka mediów i polityki Chin. 
Obecnie, oddziaływanie internetu i telewizji dokańcza dzieła ujednolicenia mowy, wypłukując resztki naleciałości z chińskich gwar jak kraj długi i szeroki. Coś na naszych oczach idzie się paść i pastwiska już nie opuści!
Co w tym znaczącego? Nic. To może co w tym dziwnego? Wyobraźmy sobie dwie rdzenne Góralki z Tatr rozmawiające o oscypkach w języku Teleexpresu...

wtorek, 6 września 2016

Life Must Get Bad!

Eric is not an atheist. Atheism is the religion of nonexistance of God. It gets as fanatic as religious believes of so many people walking this earth. He thinks he doesn't belong to any religion at all, although the idea of God was slipped into his innocent mind of a child when he still belonged among the truest of believers. What he doesn't know is that he is a rebellious soul responsible for the birth of the religion #1 - his own concept of incessent dealings with the God that now he believes doesnt't exist for him anymore.
Czechs are the only Slavic people that observe the religion of Ordung. In this regard they follow orderly fashions that have had a long history of prevailing in Germany. That is why Eric's mother resembles all the Germans themselves. Czech trains depart on time and Czech waiters always care to ask if you want to pay separatly or together. That's the religion #2
The religion #3 is this fashionable despise toward complaining. It is trying hard to keep the fuck away from it. 
Eric cannot really complain about being European or living where he lives. Democracy provides him with a flying carpet of predictibility. It gives him a deeper sense of long distance security. He doesn't have to risk his life fighting for anything. He wastes his water abunduntly every day to live the life he chooses. But still, he is surprised at how it delivers reasons to go for it and grumble on a bad day and mostly about anything.
If we agree that life is good, it is only so because it gets bad as well. There is no discussion here although interdependebility (is there such a word?) of those two is usually denied by the religion #3. Furthermore, complainig always meets its contempt. It is so uncool and so not sexy to do it. Eric's complaining reveals his lowest self and makes the buddist peace he strives to radiate with a bitter appearance of an edgy self-control... So he, for instance, chooses to complain about his weather. Its nature is so fucking changable and so are the characters of the people that surround him living under its regime. The bitter part of it is that this lack of emotional stability stands a vital component of the Central European Meantality that affects him, known as scepticism. 
Eric is so extatic to be leaving for for good!